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Cara DeBusk, PA-C

Cara DeBusk is a Physician Assistant and Director of Immunotherapy with Naples Allergy Center.

Kevin P. Rosenbach MD has appointed Cara DeBusk as the Director of Immunotherapy based on completing extensive training including the fulfillment of an internship in just 36 months.

Cara has earned the title Director of Immunotherapy based on her over achievement and vast knowledge of immunotherapy she has developed through the treatment of over 12,000 patients since coming to Naples Allergy Center.

Cara also has additional certifications including an Associate of Science (AS) and Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) and a Master of Medical Science (M.M.S) degree. We feel Cara is a major asset to Naples Allergy Center’s Immunology, Allergy and Asthma team.

Cara’s hard work ethic and compassion makes her a very asset to the practice.

Dee, NCMA | Naples Allergy Center Naples Florida

Dee is a National Certified Medical Assistant, with specific training and certifications in Allergy and Immunotherapy.
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