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Referring Physicians

Why Refer your Allergy Patient to Naples Allergy Center?

Ease: We will see your patient conveniently and quickly, with same day appointments when necessary.

Understanding: Naples Allergy Center provides personalized service for both health and financial concerns. We participate with most insurances.

Expertise: Naples Allergy Center has developed a personalized testing protocol for all patients to scientifically diagnose our patients, rule out all possible allergic conditions, and create the optimum personal treatment for patients to feel their best. We participate in clinical trials providing some of your patients with opportunities to use new drugs or products specific to allergy & asthma.

Compassion: Our medical and office staff will treat your patient with the same care and understanding that they expect from their primary care physician.

Results: Naples Allergy Center evaluates tests, and creates an action plan for accurate diagnosis and long-term allergy relief. Our continued commitment to excellence in allergy, asthma and immunology treatment provides proven results for your allergy patients.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the referral of your patient to Naples Allergy Center for allergy, asthma, and immunology treatment.

Note to Referring Physicians:

Naples Allergy Center is committed to professionalism, open communication, and reliability in the common goal of treatment for patients suffering from allergy symptoms. Accurate diagnosis and long-term relief is our commitment to you. We understand that as your patient’s primary care provider, your patient looks to you first.

While there may be a variety of reasons for certain physicians to choose providing some allergy testing and treatment for minor allergy symptoms, generally, the outcomes produce temporary results. The diagnosis and treatment of allergies is a very complex and scientific process because there are many factors involved in an accurate diagnosis.

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