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Welcome to Naples Allergy Center

 Naples Allergy Center provides the Naples area with comprehensive testing, diagnosis, and treatment of allergic disease in an attractive, hygienic environment using state of the art technology. Our caring, compassionate and professional staff understand how difficult living with allergies can be. In fact, many of our patients have suffered for years without a full understanding of their allergic condition. We specialize in the proper diagnosis, treatment and cure of your allergies.


Naples Allergy Center’s allergists and immunologists have over 20 years of treatment experience. Our allergy treatment alleviates your symptoms, and 90% of patients who Stay the Course report no further incidence of allergy issues. 


Our commitment is evident in the methodical approach we take with every patient. Our diagnosis and treatment plan is designed through the study of each patient’s environmental, medical, and social history factors to develop custom treatment vials.


Continued treatment from the professional Naples Allergy Center’s doctors and staff provides the best outcome for Naples allergy sufferers. Stop suffering and start enjoying a better quality of life today.

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We invite you to learn about our specialized care and look forward to open communication with your practice in hopes of building a strong relationship with you and your staff.

The course to Allergy Free Living

Our allergy treatment alleviates all of your allergy symptoms, and 90% of patients who Stay the Course report no further incidence of allergy issues. Our allergists use highly advanced technologies to determine your unique treatment plan while teaching you avoidance measures as your begin your cure.
Your roadmap to the cure begins with your commitment to living an allergy free life, and the Naples Allergy Center course is designed to keep you on your path, with full transparency of your journey, and rewards for reaching important milestones.

  • Save money – Immunotherapy treatment is covered by most insurances; medicare, and over-the-counter medication is expensive and only treats the symptoms of allergies.
  • Live your life again – Florida is the land of beaches and sunshine. Don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying life. Naples is a vibrant, active community, and we want you to be a part of it!
  • We don’t treat, we cure – 90% of all patients who complete our Allergy Course report no further incidences of allergies. Results may vary.
Stay the Course with Naples Allergy Center Allergy Shots

What Patients Say About Naples Allergy Center

  • "Excellent staff and great care! Been going for 5 yrs for allergy shots , and the shots are a God sent with the allergies in SWFL!"

  • "I have always had a very satisfactory result after seeing Dr. Rosenbach. I have used him for many years, always with a positive result!"

  • "Dr. Rosenbach is probably the best doctor I have ever dealt with ever. It was an amazing blessing to our son and family that we found him...."

  • "Thank you, Dr Rosenbach and staff…always there no matter how far away and always on call to assist me with my medical issues."

  • "I’ve been healthy for the first time in many years. I’m an RN and recommend him to anyone with immunology issues."

  • "The Office staff is very friendly, efficient and courteous. Clean and pleasant experience. I would Highly recommend Dr. Rosenbach."

  • "Arguably the best immunologist in south west Florida. I recommend him without hesitation."

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